Emily Pepsi Thomson Signs To Uylsses Records

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Emily is the latest artist to sign to Uylsses Records and she came to our attention via mutual friends in Rosemary’s Baby. Emily, who’s just 24, writes her material on both ukulele and guitar in a contemporary folk genre. She was born in the Yorkshire town of Beverley; and moved to Hull in 2001.

Emily’s musical background started at the tender age of eight when she learnt to play her first song on the guitar; with parental guidance from her father. At fourteen she started to take her talent more seriously and attended guitar lessons with the well accomplished Gary Gillette. She went onto broaden her instrumentation by taking some intermediary grades on the piano, as well as gaining Grade 5 in Voice & Theory. Over the following years she turned her hand to writing songs and embraced the ukulele.

River People by Emily Pepsi Thomson

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The last four years have seen her song writing and live performance strengthen as she’s gone on to support international artists like Blair Dunlop, Emma Stevens, Holloway Road and Duke Special. Walk The Plank commissioned her to write the music for River People which went onto be featured as the opening event (Voice Of Freedom) at the Hull Freedom Festival in 2015. The local History Troupe commissioned her to write a number of songs about local history. Emily’s currently putting the final touches on her first EP and can be regularly found playing at the many open mic nights around our very own Kingston Upon Hull – the current City of Culture.

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Her EP features Jody McKenna and Blair Dunlop, and Emily herself features on Jody McKenna’s latest album Eastbound. Her current work has a soft hunting Celtic sound that’s easy to embrace if you want to relax and get away from the speed of today’s society, however her ideas for the album are much more main stream and Emily is now eager to see what the persuasive hands of our producers will do to the songs set for her debut album. However, first we’ve set a precedence to crowd fund some cash for a video to accompany her EP and help establish her in the digital world of social media.

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Look out for more samples coming soon from Emily but in the mean time you can drop her a message below or at her Face Book page.

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