Backup & Disaster Recovery

HD-open-01Times have defiantly changed when it comes to keeping your recordings safe. Long gone are the 8,16 and 24 track studio master which racked out the studio walls.  The digital era arrived and no one looked back but how safe is your data when it comes to studio multi track projects and master of your work?

Here at Uylsses Records we’d like to think that over the years we’ve done everything to keep our clients work as safe as possible.  With no single point of failure we have created an off grid backup solution for our clients.  At the heart of the system are three independent mirrored Raid 5 SAN servers each with a hot swap spare running Openfiler.  The system is always physically disconnected from the WAN making sure they cannot be hacked or infested from internet viruses.  To further the systems strength and the data’s safety the three servers are never powered up at the same time and when one is mirroring another the third is always powered down.  During mirroring, the data is again re scanned before it is delivered to it’s partner server.  The entire storage array is then encrypted and physically sent abroad, travelling with a member of staff to our forth system in Spain were it is again rescanned before being backed up to off grid (completely disconnected) SAN servers.

The studio machines stand alone without network connection and are only ever connected to the backup LAN when actually backing up data, after which they are physically disconnected by powering down the switches which connect them.  No power to the switches no connectivity.  Any files that clients need for their work are rigorously scanned by a separate security server before they are allowed to be delivered to the studio machines.  The same rule applies to any external work coming in for backup to.   The only safe server is a disconnected one.

When clients need access to past or current work it is copied off the system and delivered to them via physical encrypted hard drive or placed on to a separate security server which the client can then terminal in to and retrieve data over a secure internet connection.