Barrel Fever – 15 Pound – An Evolution

BF Together 02The lead guitarist Marcos (also responsible for the bass) has created a visionary walk through of the track 15 Pound.  From it’s first performance by Mr Todd (acoustic guitar and initial writer of the track) in the launderette where the band first made friends, through to the studio recording and production.  The track also features  our in house engineer and producer Dave Bradfield (Dinky DaveB) on drum kit, piano and strings.

Executive album producer Chris comments “One of the overriding reasons   we came to the Uylsses studios besides the quality of production was knowing Dave could pull off the much needed additional instrumental  performances.  Besides his wizardry production he’s a solid musician who naturally interprets the feel and flow in his performances.  As writers we often need to bounce ideas around and he’s been a great feedback for us throughout the whole process.  It’s not easy to keep that live sound and feel when working to the studio click track but hats off to James (Mr Todd) who’s paved the way fluently with his pin accurate ghost acoustic guitar tracks.  Both him and Dave have succinctly glued to Marcos on bass to really capture that live pumping band sound we are now coming to recognise as Barrel fever.  Marcos has been absolutely instrumental in bringing those wonderful melodies out and is defiantly the backbone of bass groves.  Overall it’s an appreciation of each others gifts, friendship and the journey of writing and creating together.”   


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