Special Guest Gallagher With Full Demo Of Doris By The Harri Watts Band

2015-05-27 12.20.28Harri Watts have their special guest Ray Gallagher joining the session today on accordion to crack the final layer of sound in Doris. A cheeky little track indeed with lyrics like “let me invade your territory” whatever is writer Harrison talking about.

Gallagher is a true professional and with a few run through’s in the control room he’s set to make his mark on the track. Producer Bradfield comments “The accordion is a great instrument to record with it’s melody sound well separated (right of the player or left in the picture) from it’s bass and chord sound, (left of the player or right in the picture) you couldn’t get a more opposing directional instrument. It’s a stereo mix made to record in heaven.” 

Demo Version (unmixed) Doris performed by the Harri Watts Band © Harisson Nov 2010

2015-05-27 12.45.50Gallagher took all of two takes but brought a wealth of sound to the recording along with an underlying motif between the verse’s lyrics.

Harrison comments “He’s great isn’t he.  Just the sound I envisaged and in good contrast to the violin. Better get him back in to do a few other tracks me thinks chaps.” 

We couldn’t agree more, it’s just such a contemporary sound which is exactly matched to Harrison’s writing ideals.

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