Somethin’ Wild By Sweet Lady Grace

Sweet Lady Grace 05‘Somethin’ Wild’ (from the as yet unreleased album ‘Rockaby’) is hot out of the Uylsses Records’ recording studio.  Rachel Barnes alias Sweet Lady Grace has been smashing the tracks in the studio since mid 2014.  Working very closely with her executive producer Andy Wilson, who incidentally is a major player in the writing team.

Miss Barnes first hit our studios back in early 2014 to bash out a quick demo of her album but knocked us all for six with her wonderful vocal tone and amazing quality and strength.  It took no arguing to assure us of her talent as the one take wonders just fell effortlessly from her classically trained vocal chords.  With a physical beauty to match her voice, a degree well under way and a distinction at grade 8 from the ABRSM in classical cello, she at very least had the looks talent and ability to see an album project through the studio and on to the live stage production.

Exec-Producer Wilson and Co-Producer and Engineer Dave Bradfield soon struck up a deal to get Ms Barnes and her music career on a professional footing.

Bradfield comments, “Both Rachel and Andy have put a lot of faith in our production, further in our contacts and ability to find the right musicians to play along side her.  It takes real talent to develop music like this, and great team players too. We’ve pulled in some awesome and innovative players: Paul Sargeson on bass & guitar, Francis Gill on acoustic, lead & heavy duty guitar,  Martin Jones on brass.  Andrew and Rachel have both also brought great talent to the project too with: Alex Maynard on electric & Double bass and the amazing low and gritty voice of Dan Lucas. (pictured right)   

Dan Lucas 01

For me it’s just amazing to see it develop so far and to be asked to play (drum kit, vibraphone, percussion, keyboards) on the material as well as co-produce is just an honour.  Working in the studio with Andy is great, he’s simply a lyrical genius with an overwhelming devotion to the long term aims putting as much time behind the desk as me.  He completely understands the need for great arrangements and has been very liberal with his powers over the tracks.  Allowing me the time to enrich the sound and arrange ideas up from the original takes which are much more structured than the original improvised recordings.  Lets be honest he’s the mind behind the whole project.”

Wilson says, “Working with Bradfield, both in the studio and planning the long term goals of the band, has been brilliant.  We could have never imagined that we would have such brilliant recordings.  Believing in the songs, and Rachel’s talent, was one thing but to have got the input of such a professional team has been invaluable.  We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

The album will be ready for general release towards the end of this year (2015) and whilst we don’t want to spoil the impact of the release there’s no publicity without free previews, so here’s a few short low quality samples from “Somethin’ Wild” by Sweet Lady Grace © Wilson & Barnes


Mid Track Solo

A Slice Of The Ending

No doubt there’ll be plenty more from Sweet Lady Grace so keep a look out for more samples coming soon in the mean time you can drop her a message below or at her Face Book page:FB-logo-01

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