Harri Watts Band Back In The Studio.


2015-04-22 14.52.49

The band has been back in the studio after a 3 years break. Shock and horror! However when you work as hard as these chaps do sometimes you have to put your recordings on hold.  Nevertheless the band is cramming in the hours and grafting hard to finish their recordings.

There’s been some outstanding performances especially form the singer and songwriter Derrick Harrison  who in all fairness has smashed some great one take wonders.  The line ups been the same core group since Noah had them playing in the ark with David Watts on violin, David Short on bass and Derrick Harrison on guitar and main vocals.

 2015-05-07 16.41.572015-04-22 14.54.31

Watts on violin has also been cranking up the high parts in the backing vocals alongside Short who is well engaged in the engineering.  The band is no less than methodical in their work producing a studio parts tick list for each session controlled by Harrison who promptly2015-04-22 14.53.15  keeps order from the rear whilst keeping a healthy sandwich in hand.

The album sees a few special guest appearances and the addition of some extra instruments.  Our resident engineer Dave Bradfield has been busy dipping between the console, piano, drum kit and percussion so you can trust there’ll be plenty of hard work in the editing.

Second engineer Phil O’Pray has his hands full as Short has his ears pinned for precision leaving O’Pray in the butches slicing and dicing between takes.

2015-04-22 14.55.112015-04-22 14.55.32

Well be back with more soon and hopefully some samples of the work in progress.

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